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Дек 2013

15. I feel so embarrassed

Опубликовал admin.globarius.com в Jazz Chants by Miles Craven

I feel so embarrassed
I’'m frustrated! My computer'’s been crashing all day.
I’'m heartbroken. I'’ve been fighting with my girlfriend again.
I’'m lonely. I’'ve been living on my own for years.
I’'m confident. I’'ve been studying really hard.
I’'m furious. Someone'’s been using my car.
I’'m exhausted. I’'ve been running in the park for an hour.
I’'m excited. I'’ve been thinking about my vacation.
I’'m irritated. He'’s been playing that music for hours.
I’'m confused. I'’ve been trying to read this book.
I’'m embarrassed. I'’ve been wearing my jacket inside out.

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