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Авг 2013

31. Easy Solutions

Опубликовал admin.globarius.com в Jazz Chants by Carolyn Graham

Easy Solutions

Gee, I'm hungry;
Have a sandwich.
Gee, I'm angry!
Calm down!
Gee, I'm sleepy!
Take a nap!
Gee, it's chilly in here!
Put on a sweater.
Gee, it's hot in here!
Open a window.
I've got the hiccups!
Drink some water.
My nose itches.
Scratch it.
My feet hurt.
Sit down for a while.
My shoes are tight.
Take them off.
I have a toothache.
Go to the dentist.
I have a headache.
Take some aspirin.
I'm lonely!
Call up a friend.
I'm bored!
Go to a movie.

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