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Memories, dreams and reflections of schooldays


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Memories, dreams and reflections of schooldays

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We all have memories of school, good and bad. For the lucky ones school provides a solid foundation for individuals to go on and build successful and hopefully happy lives.

Here we have a collection of memories of education of influential people working in different spheres.

Basketball player Tony Parker: “Children have different questions and need different advice, they have dreams, but they must work hard, because success doesn’t come overnight.”

Rob Wainwright is Director of Europol: “I grew up in Wales and spent a lot of time at my grandfather’s. He was a librarian for 40 years and had thousands of books in his house and that was where I learned to love literature.”

Nobel Prize winning novelist Shirin Ebadi: “I learned equal rights from my father. I was born and brought up in a Muslim family and was educated by the Zoroastrians.”

Gordon Brown, former British Prime Minister: “Teaching is an incredibly important profession, a teacher can change a life and transform a young person’s attitude to life.”

Gustavo Dudamel, orchestra conductor: “You know I learned a lot from teaching children, because when you work with children they don’t have a conception or preconception of things. So it is amazing to create something for them.”

You can watch these people in the video:

And how about you? What were your memories of education?

Источник: http://www.euronews.com/2013/09/13/memories-dreams-and-reflections-of-schooldays/

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