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Уважаемые преподаватели! Приглашаем посетить вебинар об инструментах онлайн обучения.


Окт 2013

Уважаемые преподаватели! Приглашаем посетить вебинар об инструментах онлайн обучения.

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12/10/13 - SPECIAL EVENT - Using Technology in Teaching: Principles in Practice

When: Saturday 12 October 2013, UTC 14:00 - 21:00 

Find the time in your time zone by clicking this link.

Where: The event takes place in the IATEFL online conference room.

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The meeting room will be open half an hour before the webinar begins.
Please log in using the format: Name - Location. For example, Bruce Wayne - Gotham City.


Opening plenary: The case for technology and language learning /Prof. Carol Chapelle 
What are the reasons for using technology for language teaching and learning in 2013? I will outline five lines of argument:

- meta-analysis of comparison studies,
- analysis of students' needs beyond the classroom,
- students' need for training in language learning strategies,
- the importance of connecting learners with appropriate language, and
- the opportunities for cross-cultural learning.

The role of online tools in teacher development / Shaun Wilden 

In this talk I'll take a whistle stop look at how the online world has opened new opportunities for teacher development. Once online was the domain of early adopter teachers, but now the Internet is full of sites, tools and teachers keen to share and develop. We'll look at how the Internet and technology has created a wide range of options from formal courses, to the rise of autonomous professional development. Taking in everything from PLNs to hashtags and curation tools a veritable smorgasbord for your afternoon conference delight.

Designer learning - Nicky Hockly

Laurillard suggests that classroom practitioners need to become designers of effective learning experiences. This talk examines how we can implement a BYOD (bring your own device) approach in the language classroom, and the role of the teacher as designer of effective mobile-based communicative classroom tasks. Based on my own experience with BYOD, I suggest six parameters for the effective design and sequencing of mobile-device based tasks.

TESOL Technology Standards: Why, how, and for whom / Deborah Healey, Phil Hubbard, Sophie Ioannou-Georgiou, Paige Ware, with help from Elizabeth Hanson-Smith

In this session, some of the authors of TESOL’s Technology Standards will begin with a brief overview of the Standards, including why they were developed and how they differ from other standards. We will discuss how the Standards can be used in teacher preparation. We will then share a couple of vignettes related to specific standards and describe how teachers can use the vignettes to improve teaching with technology.

Digital literacies / Gavin Dudeney

This talk examines how the traditional 'three rs' (reading, writing and arithmetic), long considered the cornerstones of basic literacy/numeracy, have changed as we advance into the digital age. We will discover what it means to be digitally literate, explore the new types of literacy that have emerged alongside the advent of Web 2.0 and analyse why it is important to work with these literacies on a daily basis in our teaching.

The sky is not the limit: Connecting with elementary makers in the cloud / Christel Broady 

Pupils are born into a digital world and used to navigating it for all of life’s facets. However, when they enter school they are often confused by a traditional learning and teaching environment, which is alien to them. In this presentation, a case will be made for a new definition of teaching and learning.

Joint closing session

Источник: http://ltsig.org.uk/events/13-future-events/318-121013-special-event-using-technology-in-teaching-principles-in-practice.html

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