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Activists propose naming hurricanes after US politicians


Авг 2013

Activists propose naming hurricanes after US politicians

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The World Meteorological Organization (WFO) in 63 years of its activity have managed to earn a lot of enemies. People with such names as Ivan, Andrea, Sandy and Katrina are not so happy that the most devastating hurricanes are called the same way.

New York advertising agency Barton F. Graf 9000 and the environmental advocacy group 350.org decided to change the situation. They are petitioning WHO to name tropical storms after politicians American politicians who deny climate change.

The campaign, at ClimateNameChange.org, kicked off with a video that brought the proposed naming system to life. It features prominent climate deniers like Republican member of the US House of Representatives Michelle Bachman who said that carbon dioxide is not a harmful gas and Texas Gov. Rick Perry who called climate change “a hoax drummed up by scientists”.

The video is full of mock news with headlines like "Rick Perry leaves trail of death."










350.org plans to present the petition to the WHO once it has attained 25,000 signatures. By now it has been signed by over 6,000 people.

Now, hurricane names are determined by the WMO headquartered in Geneva. The WMO is in charge of updating the six weather regions of the world. For Atlantic tropical storms, the National Hurricane Center created six lists of hurricane names that are maintained and updated by the WMO through an international voting committee. The lists are kept in constant rotation.

Voice of Russia, Mongabay.com

Источник: http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2013_08_27/Activists-propose-naming-hurricanes-after-US-politicians-0694/

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