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Aug 2013

Get one class free

With us you can learn a foreign language at any time suitable for you and in an acceptable pace. Depending on the objectives of study and your level, you can choose a suitable study course. For each course, we have developed study programmes, selected teaching materials, and determined the recommended number of classes. Besides, our teachers specialize in different courses and areas of study, and they have extensive experience in teaching certain subjects.

You can buy just a few classes, if you are unsure and want just to try. But if you have decided to learn Russian or any other foreign language with us, we recommend you buying a full course of study according to your goals.

You might think that you have already made some progress in learning Russian (or other foreign language) and you do not need the full course. But according to our experience, some of your knowledge and skills need to be revised and practiced, and sometimes they need to be corrected. Also, if you have a really good knowledge of some parts of the course, you will just pass them as quickly as possible by doing revision as your homework and having only some oral practice during your online classes.

And, we give you one free lesson in acknowledgement of your trust in us!

Use the online calculator to find out the cost of study and the discount rate, or contact our manager.

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