Demo lesson

Come on, be GLOBAL with us!

To guide our students and facilitate the work of teachers, we have developed 11 programmes for Russian as a foreign language. You can see the detailed description of each course on the right side of the page.

With such a variety of choices, you can start learning Russian at any level – from elementary to advanced.

We will teach you to understand and speak the language of formulas and chemical elements, to prepare for examinations, for touristic or business trips, and for study at a Russian university!

Just let us know your purpose of study, take a free demo lesson, and our teacher will develop your personal training programme with specific time-table, number of classes, lists of vocabulary and grammar topics.

Study Russian with us! Enjoy yourself!

Oral introductory course (phonetics)

The oral introductory course is the first in our list – your Russian pronunciation usually requires either a good teaching or correction and improvement. But this task is almost impossible to be solved without professional help. 

Our experienced teacher will determine what types of phonetic mistakes you make, and design your individual programme to teach you Russian pronunciation or correct your accent.