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Our first necessity and goal is to understand the life around. This requires the ability to think and perceive, having the breadth of vision and a certain level of intellectual development.

Knowing a foreign language is highly essential in our fast developing world with unprecedentedly open borders!

To understand Russians or to travel to Russia you certainly need to know the language at least at a decent level. Good language skills will help you to feel confident in any situation during your trip to Russia, establish new connections and find friends, get the necessary information and understand the mentality and traditions of this unique country.

Do you want to understand everything that your Russian university instructors will teach you? Or to be at ease among bright and breezy goers of Russian night clubs? Or get a prestigious job in a Russian multinational company and show everything that you can do without problems with your pronunciation?

Choose a course of study that you wish or need to do, meet our teachers, calculate and pay the cost of tuition and ... forward – towards your dreams! Start to study!

Upon finishing your study, you will get the Certificate indicating the study course and the number of academic hours taken.

If you have any organizational questions or are unable to choose a study course, take a demo lesson or contact our manager. We will do our best for you to master Russian as soon as possible!

Sample of the graduation certificate: