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Vladimir Lenin's assassination attempt marks 95-th anniversary


Aug 2013

Vladimir Lenin's assassination attempt marks 95-th anniversary

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This act has for long been considered unspeakable and obviously, the woman, as she was called “the terrorist #1”, was executed almost immediately. However, the whole case still seems very mysterious.

Kaplan had been involved in the revolutionary activity ever since she was a teenager and before shooting Lenin had a record of performing terrorist attacks. Shortly before Lenin, she shot Kiev Governor-General Sukhomlinov, but the attack was unsuccessful. She was arrested, but death penalty did not apply to 16-year-olds, so she was “just” exiled. It was there that she had lost her sight.

When Kaplan was released following the February Bourgeois revolution, the Interim Government granted her a recovery trip to the Crimea where she met Lenin’s brother Dmitry. The nature of their relationship is still unclear, as well as the circumstances of the actual attempt on Dmitry’s younger brother.

Over the years, there has been many versions as to how the attempt actually took place, the major concern being how an almost blind Kaplan managed to be so precise in her shooting.

Besides, much circumstantial evidence point out that the whole attempt was staged or set up to incite a discord and discredit the party Kaplan belonged to.

Given that there was no trial and Kaplan was executed a couple days later, the experts are prone to think the ones who orchestrated the whole thing just decided to get rid of her before she said more.

She was executed on September 3, 1918, and her body was placed in a barrel and burnt by the Kremiln wall.

Aside from the one by Kaplan, Lenin survived one more attempt, when, shortly after the Revolution, his car was hose-piped.

Practically all of other Soviet leaders had to go through a number of attempts.

Stalin’s life was threatened several times, but none of the attacks were even close to success due to Stalin’s highly professional security service.

An attempt was planned on Khrushchev in 1961 during his visit to Georgia, but it never went further than the planning stage.

Leonid Brezhnev went through three assassination attempts, two of them abroad and prevented by the KGB.

Mikhal Gorbachev had to undergo just one unsuccessful attempt, by a plant worker who blamed Gorbachev for hindering the process of the country’s development.

Yeltsin’s life was put at risk once but his visit to India saved him from the perpetrator who was waiting for him at home.

The record-breaking President in terms of attempts is Vladimir Putin, who was subjected to, according to various sources, 7 to 13 attacks.

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