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Syria: Israelis preparing for worst-case scenario


Aug 2013

Syria: Israelis preparing for worst-case scenario

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Post offices, which serve as distribution points for gas masks, reported receiving 300 percent more phone calls on Sunday and Monday than on an average day from people who wished to acquire protection kits. The Voice of Russia correspondent reports from Israel.

It’s worth mentioning that they all have gas masks as the authorities began handing them out in the 1960s. These gas masks are substitutes from time to time because the technology of their manufacturing is changing. The other question is that the Israelis haven’t been thinking about them recently. There was a feeling that any war was more like a missile war. Everybody forgot about chemical weapons. The latest news from Syria about an alleged chemical attack in the Damascus suburbs caused a new wave of interest to a gas masks issue. People turned to post offices (as it’s the Israeli post offices that deliver them to families) asking for new gas masks. On the other hand, everybody understands that in case of Syria firing missiles no gas mask will help.

In general, people are alarmed in Israel. The situation is ambiguous because the Israelis definitely don’t want a war with Syria. Obviously Bashar al-Assad is not considered Israel’s friend but Israel chose the lesser of two evils a long time ago. If the West will advance on Syria it’s not clear how the situation will be developing.

But the main thing is that everybody understands that in case of a missile strike on Syria, it will answer with a missile strike on Israel. And everybody is afraid of that. Now security forces are checking bomb shelters. The Israelis themselves are afraid that a strike can occur at any moment.

Evgeny Erlih


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