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Our methods

You can study Russian online at any level: elementary, intermediate or advanced. Depending on the purpose of study, your teacher will design your individual study programme according to the courses offered at our school, for example, Business Russian Course, Academic Russian, Preparation for an Interview, etc. We also provide online courses to prepare for the TRKI (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language).

Our teachers use the communicative method of teaching focusing mainly on communication in Russian. Nevertheless, the language study is a complex, it is a unity of all kinds of speech activities. You will also focus on listening comprehension, reading, writing and translation. Our teachers use a variety of study materials and training tools: the Skype chat and the computer desktop as a virtual blackboard, scans of modern authentic textbooks, multimedia materials, Internet resources, tests, audio and video clips, and even electronic tutorials. Huge amounts of interesting study materials have been accumulated in our archives and in the Internet, but only our experienced teachers can choose the best and most useful ones for you.

Classes of Russian as a foreign language on Skype are absolutely identical to individual lessons with a tutor or a teacher retaining all the undeniable advantages of individual instruction. The only difference is that you and your teacher are distanced geographically. But you see and hear each other very well. All training materials for on-line language learning are provided to you free of charge in electronic form (they are sent before classes so that you can print them out if you want), the Skype chat is used as the blackboard. The pace of your classes is determined by the tempo of your progress and your preferences.

After each class your teacher leaves a comment about it in your personal profile on our web-site, and you, in turn, assess the work of your teacher and express your wishes to make your lessons even better, more efficient and more interesting. Sign up for a free demo lesson!

Good luck in learning Russian!