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Study online can be a way of living and achieving your goals. Online is our modern life. Shopping, information search, everyday personal and business communication... Why not continue this list by learning a foreign language online? The ubiquity of high-speed Internet allows us to full communication on Skype with our friends and relatives who live hundreds or thousands miles away... Why not transfer the task of learning a foreign language into the same "online" category and communicate with your teacher on Skype? It's such an easy solution!

Learning the Russian language on Skype is the most convenient way of study for a modern person which saves the trouble of spending time searching for the right teacher and travelling to his or her place of work or residence. You don’t need to come to Russia – study Russian online at home with our qualified teachers and get the result – your extended knowledge of the language and the ability to communicate effectively and comfortably with your Russian partners, colleagues, friends or future teachers. If you plan to enter a Russian university and will have to study a preparatory course before starting the main course, with us you can lessen the duration of your stay in Russia far away from your family and friends – study Russian online at home and become prepared for your new surroundings both linguistically and psychologically.

Online classes of Russian are absolutely identical to individual private classes with a tutor or a teacher, retaining all the undeniable advantages of individual instruction. The only difference is that you and your instructor are in different places, even countries. But you see and hear each other very well. All the study materials for learning Russian online are provided to you in electronic form free of charge (sent before classes so that you can print them out if you want), the Skype chat window is used as the blackboard.

We will choose your ideal teacher who will teach you according to the programme, designed individually for your level of language knowledge and learning goals. Moreover, the teaching will be arranged at a time which is convenient personally for you.

With us you can learn Russian with pleasure, without breaking away from familiar surroundings, your loved ones and other important parts of your life.

Everything you need is an access to the Internet and your will!