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About school

Our Mission

We are a team of professionals who bring together people interested in languages, helping them to become free and successful, and promote mutual understanding in the world.

We believe that we have moral responsibility for:

Our Customers:
• to provide high quality services
• to respond to the needs of each of our students in particular, and to the change in demand as a whole

• to contribute to the personal development of our guests and students through the maintenance of our information blog

Our staff:
• to ensure good working conditions
• to encourage the development of professional skills

• to provide decent wages by use of a flexible payment system

The society:
• to comply with its values, norms and rules
• to conduct business within the laws of the society

• to involve in charity


Project Coordinator
Dear guests of our website, our potential students and teachers!
The fact that you are reading this page means that you are actively using the Internet – you have an open access to all the knowledge of the world, you can chat with very unusual and even unique people, you can buy goods comfortably from home and so on. All these activities are now not only available, but also very easy, and many of them are much cheaper and easier than in real life.
We propose you to use another advantage of progress – to study and work online without leaving your home, at your convenient time.
It is the desire to make learning and teaching of foreign languages ​​available to everyone regardless of their busy schedules and places of residence which was the stimulus for organization of Globarius.
Break your personal boundaries, fill your life with new meanings and possibilities, learn something new, become more successful and modern with us – become a Globarius!

Join now, be happy and free!

Customer service manager 
Dear all!
Our students are not just the people who study foreign languages ​​with our teachers, but they also are our partners, advisors, critics and a support group at the same time. After all, high quality teaching is the main goal of our work. 
With us, you will study Russian (or other language) according to the timetable and study programme which are most convenient for you and choose a teacher who suits you best.
We will do our best to make you happy with your learning at our school so that you will even advise us to your friends and colleagues.

I'm waiting for a message from you on Skype or by mail. I will be happy to answer all your questions and help you arrange your training in the most convenient way.

Recruitment Manager
Dear visitors! Welcome to our website!
Highly skilled and responsible employees are the foundation of our efficient work and success. Our school gives special attention to the choice of teachers. We believe that in addition to qualifications and experience, all of our teachers should possess such qualities as patience, responsibility and goodwill.
Every teacher in our school is carefully tested, which allows us to guarantee the high quality of their qualification. The policy of our school stresses individual approach and creating the most comfortable learning environment for each student. Our customer service managers take into account all the wishes of students and are always ready to answer all questions.

Dear teachers, I await job applications from you for employment in our school! Please, proceed to the Career page, download the application form and send it to me by e-mail. See you soon online!

Customer service manager
Online services manager
Dear visitors of our site!
I'm happy to help you take a free demol lesson, arrange  your foreign language training with our teachers and pay for it, and answer any questions about selecting a course of study.
Also, I am also in charge of organizing the online services offered by our school. I try to answer all messages as quickly as possible. Please contact us on Skype at global.globarius, my colleagues and I will always be in touch with you.

And, of course, the most important people in our team are our teachers.